Epigraphik-Datenbank Clauss-Slaby

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  • Manfred Clauss
  • Anne Kolb
  • Wolfgang A. Slaby


The Epigrafik-Datenbank Clauss-Slaby (EDCS) is a searchable resource providing texts and bibliographic citations (lemmata of editions) for nearly all Latin inscriptions. It is edited by Manfred Clauss, and is the revised edition (under continuous improvement) of a resource dating back to the late 1980 initiated by him at the Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt.


As of January 2018, EDCS contained texts for over 509.600 inscriptions previously published in print, together with over 112.000 images of inscriptions (some linked from other online databases, most of them hosted natively by EDCS). Crosslinking to corresponding epigraphic records in 25 other databases (including EDR and EDH) is incorporated. The texts are simply regularized transcriptions drawn from previously published (print) editions.


  • The current database and its main interface http://db.edcs.eu/epigr/epi.php?s_sprache=de, developed by Wolfgang A. Slaby with the assistance of Barbara Woitas and Bernward Tewes, permit users to discover content by searching on a combination of publication, Roman province, placename, dating, category

of inscription and one or two search strings.

for the inscriptions recorded in an individual publication (e.g., all of AE 1986).

ancient abbreviations:

Interface languages

The EDCS interfaces have been localized for German (de), Spanish (es), French (fr), Italian (it) and English (en) readers. It provides various helps for users, including a table of epigraphic sigla and a list of the bibliographic abbreviations employed in the database records.


For providing links to individual components of EDCS there are two special Web interfaces:

1. edcs_id.php: e.g. http://db.edcs.eu/epigr/edcs_id.php?s_sprache=it&p_edcs_id=EDCS-64000102 that shows (in Italian) the research result for the inscription with the ID EDCS-64000102.

2. epi_einzel.php: e.g. http://db.edcs.eu/epigr/epi_einzel.php?s_sprache=en&p_belegstelle=CIL 13, 00456 that shows (in English) the research result for CIL 13, 00456.