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  • Public domain texts hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation


Vicifons or the Latin Wikisource hosts a collection of texts written in latin, among them work form Antiquity, going from the 7th century BCE to the 6th century CE. The majority of these are litterary, but a few inscriptions are also available. All texts in Wikisource are believed to be free of copyright, source texts, historical texts, and other writings. As of August 2021, lots of texts stem from unknown sources, but presumably they were copied from other online corpora.

However, the core feature of Vicifons is the possibility to host a text that was proofreaded from a given paper edition. Such an exemple can be seen on Frontinus’ De aquæductibus urbis Romæ, whose text reproduce a 1848 French edition. The underlying edition can be accessed in two ways: 1) by clicking on the blue page numbers on the left ; 2) by clicking on the Fons tab (top left), and then on any colored page number.

As with any Wikimedia website, anyone can edit the contents of Vicifons.

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