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Laboratorio Digitale per le Fonti Classiche

Master in History and Oriental Studies, University of Bologna, Department of History and Cultures

Academic Year 2021/22, 03.02.2022-04.03.2022

Teachers: Alice Bencivenni, Marta Fogagnolo, Irene Vagionakis

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the laboratory, students are able to collect and organize complex information relating to classical textual sources in a coherent way, can apply methods of critical analysis, of reconstruction and preservation of the texts. Students are able to identify a problem relevant to the research on classical textual sources and they can identify and properly use the convenient tools, including digital ones, to tackle it.


Thursday, 03 February

General Introduction to semantic encoding and EpiDoc

The rules of XML

Introduction to Oxygen XML Editor and EFES (part 1)

Friday, 04 February

Introduction to Oxygen XML Editor and EFES (part 2)

Thursday, 10 February

Introduction to EpiDoc Guidelines

The structure of an EpiDoc edition (template) and EpiDoc Structure Cheatsheet (Structure Cheatsheet)

Examples from Text encoding (part 1): Complex Lacunae, Editorial Corrections

Friday, 11 February (morning)

EpiDoc Leiden Cheatsheet (EpiDoc Leiden Cheatsheet) / QuickRef (Leiden and EpiDoc Quick Reference)

Examples from Text encoding (part 2): Abbreviations, Certainty and Precision, Fragments, Columns and Sections


Friday, 11 February (afternoon)

ENCODE Project Seminar: Artificial Intelligence and Inscriptions – Opportunities and practicalities of Machine Learning for Epigraphy

Thursday, 17 February

Discussion and questions

Examples from Text encoding (part 3): Verse Inscriptions

Examples from Metadata encoding (part 1): Origin and Locations, Repository and Identifier

Thursday, 24 February

Examples from Metadata encoding (part 2): Origin date


Examples of Indexing: Words and Lemmatisation, Names and Persons, Places


Friday, 25 February

Guest Speaker: Giuditta Mirizio: Papyri.info, Leiden+

Thursday, 03 March

Friday, 04 March

Examples of projects based on EpiDoc (IGCyr, IRCyr, IRT, Cretan Institutional Inscriptions, CGRN)

How to customise indeces and facets in EFES: EFES Wiki