Romualdus Salernitanus, Chronicon

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Author and work

Romualdus Beneventanus was archbishop of Salerno, Italy and a key figure in the Norman royal court of the Kingdom of Sicily in the late XII century. Shortly before dying in 1181/82, he wrote a universal Chronicon in Latin, starting with Adam and ending with a first-hand account of the Peace of Venice of 1177, in which Romualdus had represented the Sicilian king William II.

Digital modelling

The critical edition is based on a new digital transcription of the main manuscript, A (Vaticanus Latinus 3973) and on a collation of this MS with the previous print editions of Garufi and Bonetti.

Categories of variant

Each variant reading (in the TEI encoding, this means each <rdg> element) is chategorised based on the following variant types:

Variant types

  • substantive
  • orthographic (including subtypes such as "tc", i.e. condicio vs conditio, "ph", i.e. Philippus vs Filippus etc.)
  • punctuation
  • gap-in-ms
  • illegible-in-ms
  • transposition

Transcription layers

Only for the incipit of the work, the editor proposes a sample of multy-layer transcription of each manuscript (graphematic, alphabetic, linguistic). Its visualization is available in

Previous print editions

  • Arndt, W., ed. (1866), Romoaldi II archiepiscopi Salernitani Annales, Vol. SS XIX, Hannover.
  • Bonetti, C., ed. (2001), Romualdo II Guarna, Chronicon, Vol. 6, Avagliano, Salerno.
  • Del Re, G., ed. (1845), Cronica di Romualdo Guarna arcivescovo salernitano. Versione di G. Del Re con note e dilucidazioni dello stesso, Vol. 1: Normanni, Stamperia dell'Iride, Napoli.
  • Garufi, C. A., ed. (1914), Romualdi Salernitani Chronicon (A.m. 130-A.C. 1178), Vol. 127, S. Lapi, Città di Castello.
  • Muratori, L. A., ed. (1725), Chronicon Romualdi II Archiepiscopi Salernitani, Vol. 7, Milano.