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  • Paschalis Paschidis
  • Kalliope Lempidaki


Pandektis: A Digital Thesaurus of Primary Sources for Greek History and Culture includes EpiDoc-encoded editions of Ancient Greek and Latin inscriptions from Upper Macedonia, Aegean Thrace and Achaia.

Current description (accessed Oct 2012)

It is a project of the National Hellenic Research Foundation which contains major digital collections of Greek history and civilization. The collections have been produced by the Institute of Neohellenic Research, the Institute of Byzantine Research and the Institute of Greek and Roman Antiquity. The National Documentation Centre supports the collections' digital form.

Earlier description (accessed 2007)

The project’s aim is an online presentation of eleven collections of documentary evidence from all periods of Greek history, prepared by the three humanistic Institutes of the National Hellenic Research Foundation. The Institute of Greek and Roman Antiquity’s contribution, under the stewardship of Paschalis Paschidis and Kalliope Lempidaki, consists in the online and updated publication of three of the corpora of inscriptions it has produced over the years, namely EAM (Inscriptions of Upper Macedonia), IThrAeg (Inscriptions of Aegean Thrace) and Achaïe II (Inscriptions of Patras). EpiDoc files have been produced for all the material; its integration into the publication interface of the overall project is under preparation.