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  • Pierfrancesco Porena


The database PPRET Inscriptions. Les Préfets du Prétoire de l’Empire Tardif, built by using the EpiDoc Front-End Services (EFES) platform, collects the EpiDoc editions of 98 inscriptions pertaining to the praetorian prefects of the IV century AD.

From the project website (accessed 2022-07-29):

The database “PPRET Inscriptions. Inscriptions pertaining to the Praetorian Prefects from 284 to 395 AD” is an open access research tool developed within the Projet PPRET “Les préfets du prétoire de l’Empire romain tardif. Une élite face à la crise” / “The Praetorian Prefects in the Later Roman Empire: An elite in a crisis context”. This project is part of the cross-disciplinary programme “Aristocracies and Interculturality” of the UMR 7044 ARCHIMÈDE (University of Strasbourg). The project is fully funded by the endowment associated with the “Chaire Gutenberg 2019”.

Technical aspects

The creation of the PPRET database was executed in two phases: the encoding of the inscriptions in EpiDoc XML and the actual creation of the database through the EpiDoc Front-End Services (EFES).