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Aims and scope

From the project website (accessed 2020-09-01):

Itiner-e will develop the first online gazetteer of historical roads, to enhance our ability to collect, aggregate and debate historical roads, and to enable the linking of this important source of information about past societies with other resources by linking related places. This proposal concerns a resource development that aims to develop a pipeline methodology for linked open road data, set up an online platform and implement the method using the Roman routes in the Iberian Peninsula as a proof-of-concept.


As of 2020, the database includes data from the Antonine Itinerary, the Itinerario de Barro, and the Vicarello Beaker.


From the project website (accessed 2020-09-01):

Through the Itiner-e gazetteer and the places associated with routes, this data resource will be linked with other Gazetteer projects such as Pleiades and the TIR-FOR Project. All the data generated will be stored in GeoJson format where all the information will be stored (id names, places within the roads, chronology, etc…)