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  • Victoria Rosén
  • Koenraad De Smedt
  • Paul Meurer
  • Helge Dyvik


From the project website (accessed 2016-06-22):

Infrastructure for the Exploration of Syntax and Semantics (INESS) offers an open, interactive, language independent platform for building, accessing, searching and visualizing treebanks. All its functionality can be used online through a web browser. INESS hosts treebanks for many languages, including treebanks which have been created by others. The INESS project is also building its own large treebank for Norwegian, NorGramBank, obtained by parsing automatically with an LFG grammar. Part of NorGramBank will be efficiently manually disambiguated with the LFG Parsebanker, while the rest will be stochastically disambiguated.

INESS includes a corpus of treebanked Greek and Latin literature, in particular the text of the Greek New testament and Caesar's Gallic Wars, which can be queried for morphosyntactic features and dependencies.

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