Etruscan Texts Project

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ETP is an online editio minor of Etruscan inscriptions. When completed, the ETP database will include all Etruscan inscriptions that have been recovered and made public since 1990, the date at which Helmut Rix et al. Etruskische Texte (1991) went to press. The ETP Web site includes a searchable online database of recently recovered Etruscan inscriptions (presently more than 300 texts) and a guide that provides general information about the organization of the Web site, the structure of the database, and the conventions employed in the presentation of texts. A completely new version of ETP is currently under development (anticipated release end 2007). It will employ EpiDoc encodings and feature improved search capabilities, seamless integration with Etruscan News Online, new additions to the corpus, and an entirely new design and interface.


  • Rex Wallace
  • Michael Shamgochian
  • James Patterson