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  • Dr Simone Finkmann
  • Professor Christiane Reitz


From the project website (accessed 2016-12-01):

The Epic Poetry Network (EPN) is an international network of research and teaching of Graeco-Roman epic poetry. It was founded in 2016 by Simone Finkmann and Christiane Reitz to bring together scholars working on epic poetry from Homer to Neo-Latin epic, to facilitate the exchange of information and collaborations between experts in this field and to encourage diachronic intertextual research.

The EPN hosts a subscribers list (mailinglist@epic-poetry-network.com) that allows list members to circulate important information relating to Graeco-Roman epic poetry (from early Greek epic to Neo-Latin epic), such as calls for papers, new research projects, book and journal publications, research collaborations, as well as upcoming conferences, seminars, and workshops on epic poetry.

The website provides an overview of the latest developments in the different areas of research on Graeco-Roman epic poetry and a list of recent publications as well as current and upcoming projects. Members can introduce their projects (projects@epic-poetry-network.com) and keep the EPN list members and the public informed about their latest work (publications@epic-poetry-network.com).