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The Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer (ETCBC) develops and maintains an advanced database of the Hebrew Bible, giving priority to syntactic analysis over semantic, literary, or rhetorical analysis.

Among the activities of the centre, it can be found encoding new texts (data creation) and utilising already encoded texts for linguistic research. It also branches out to other Hebrew and Semitic para-biblical texts like the Dead Sea Scrolls, Targums, and Peshitta. "Through the SHEBANQ project, tools like TextFabric enable researchers to apply computational linguistics to the database with the Python and R programming languages" (Taken from the Centre page, accessed 2017-04-04).

The ETCBC database has been included in packages and websites such as SHEBANQ and BibleOnlineLearner, Logos and Accordance (WIVU Constituency Trees and Hebrew Masoretic Text with ETCBC Morphology) and, as a database for research purposes at the Data Archiving and Network Services of the Royal Academy of Sciences, in Hebrew Text Database ETCBC4b.

At last, the ETCBC offers a MA specialization in Biblical Studies and Digital Humanities, too.

For a list of ETCBC current projects and completed projects, see here, while here the staff can be found. For a list of the partners of ETCBC, click here.