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The Duolingo "Learn Latin from English" language course is (as of 2019-10) in beta testing phase, but users tell me it is already "as okay as any other Duolingo language," with recordings that would not offend a classicist.

For context, Duolingo provides language exercises (in dozens of modern languages, including some endangered heritage languages and constructed languages) for free at the point of use (although the site is advertising heavy unless a subscription is paid). The exercises should probably not be thought of as a substitute for taking a more formal course, although there is a progression of learning vocabulary and grammar through them, but rather as exercises to supplement learning. The gamification of the interface encourages regular practice and steady progress, so students may find it helpful in building background language strengths alongside supervised study.

From the Latin course web page (accessed 2019-10-11):

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend us your ears! Centuries ago, Latin was the language of the Roman Empire; today, it is still very much alive. Latin is used as the language of science, law, and medicine. Languages that evolved from Latin (the Romance languages) are now spoken by hundreds of millions of people. If you know where to look, you will encounter Latin every day in the Western world — from famous mottos, to engravings on landmark buildings, to sayings on our currency, Latin is all around us. So whether you want to build your English vocabulary, read classic poetry and literature, improve your ability to learn other languages, understand more about an ancient culture, or just get in touch with the toga-wearing senator that lives in your heart, we’ve got the language for you. Salvete!

This service is likely to change as the content stabilises, or could in theory be discontinued if it doesn't take off.