Distributed Text Services

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Technical committee

  • Bridget Almas
  • Hugh Cayless
  • Thibault Clérice
  • Vincent Jolivet
  • Jonathan Robbie
  • Ian W. Scott


From the project website (accessed 2020-06-14):

The Distributed Text Services (DTS) Specification defines an API for working with collections of text as machine-actionable data. Publishers of digital text collections can use the DTS API to help them make their textual data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR). DTS enables machine-consumption of digital text collections, and can be used by consumers of these collections in a variety of ways, such as for data analysis and the development of user-interfaces, tools and services. DTS is a specification for an API and not in and of itself an implementation of that API. Reference Implementations are available and individual text publishers are encouraged to implement this API in their own projects where appropriate.