Bulletin of Online Emendations to Papyri

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  • Rodney Ast, Lajos Berkes, James M.S. Cowey, Holger Essler, and Julia Lougovaya


Bulletin of Online Emendations to Papyri (BOEP) is an open access online journal, published since 2012 and distributed in PDF format, that collects born-digital emendations to papyrological editions recorded in the Papyri.info platform that have not previously appeared in print.

From the introduction to BOEP 9.1 (accessed 2021-12-21):

This installment of the Bulletin of Online Emendations to Papyri reports all of the emendation proposals to Greek, Latin and Coptic documentary and literary texts that were accepted to either the Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri or the Digital Corpus of Literary Papyri via the Papyrological Editor (PE) between March 15, 2019 and April 24, 2021.

The new readings have been vetted by members of the PEʼs editorial board, with the occasional input of outside reviewers. They have not appeared previously in print and are presented together here for ease of reference and review. The arguments and supporting evidence that were adduced to support them can be found in the “Editorial History” section at the bottom of the page following each text in papyri.info.