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  • Stephen Lambert


Attic Inscriptions Online is a website that makes available the inscriptions of ancient Athens and Attica in English translation. Launched in 2012 with translations of the 281 inscribed laws and decrees of Athens, 352/1-322/1 BC, edited as IG II3 1, 292-572. More translations (most recently those at Petworth House and at the British School at Athens) are gradually being added to the site, together with more information about the inscriptions and explanatory notes. The aim is to eventually include all the inscriptions of Athens and Attica (ca. 20,000 in total).

From the About page of the site (accessed 2020-11-10):

Since it was launched AIO has been continuously expanded and developed. We usually release new material about four times a year. Releases typically include new site entries, updates to existing entries, and supporting academic papers (AIO Papers).

Since October 2017 AIO has been undertaking the systematic re-publication of all Attic inscriptions in the UK, in the context of an AHRC-funded project, Attic Inscriptions in UK Collections (AIUK). The new editions are published as AIUK Papers, accompanied by versions on the main site designed to be more accessible to non-specialists.

In 2019 we are also in the middle of a programme of adding Greek texts to the site, especially where no up-to-date Greek text of an inscription is available elsewhere online in open access.