Grammar of Medieval Greek

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The Grammar will be published in book form by Cambridge University Press. Publication is due in 2017.


The main aim of the project is to provide a comprehensive description of the Greek language between 1100 and 1700. These dates are chosen because texts in the vernacular become available in significant quantity only in the 12th century, and, although there is no obvious point at which to locate the end of the "medieval" period, by the 18th century important cultural and political changes are afoot. The period constitutes a coherent whole in terms of the development of the Greek vernacular. The analysis will be based on as wide a corpus of vernacular texts as possible, including non-literary sources (documents, letters etc.) which have been largely ignored in past studies of Medieval Greek. In certain cases, early medieval texts (5th-11th century) will be taken into account, mainly to illuminate points of historical evolution or the earliest dating of phenomena.

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