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The project, still ongoing as of December 2016, encodes a Spanish version of the Bible in TEI XML including the following textual features (from the project website, accessed 2016-12-06):

  • Chapter, pericopes and verses
  • References to peoples, places, times, groups and books, using ids
  • Direct speech, including who is communicating, to whom and how (written, oral, prayer...).

Licence, files and reuse

The edition files are available in GitHub under Creative Commons Licence BY Attribution 4.0 International. In addition to the XML files with the text of the Bible, they include:

  • XML Scheme
  • CSS for HTML visualization
  • Documentation
  • XSLT and Python scripts to extract information
  • Extracted data and its visualization
  • CSV file (ontology.csv) to control the ID system used withing the XML TEI file


As of December 2016, the texts that the encoder was encoding were John and Mathew Gospels, Apocalypse, Genesis, Ruth, Jonah, 75 Psalms, Acts, Malachi and Haggai.