Word Formation Latin

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The WFL project consists in the compilation of a derivational morphological dictionary of the Latin language, which connects lexical elements on the basis of word-formation rules, where lemmas are segmented and analysed into their derivational morphological components so as to establish relationships between them on the basis of word formation.

The WFL project has three aims:

1. the enrichment of an existing morphological analyser for the Latin language, [LEMLAT https://wiki.digitalclassicist.org/LemLat], with word formation information. 2. the integration of the information extracted from the resulting derivational morphological dictionary into the morphological layer of annotation the [Index Thomisticus Treebank https://itreebank.marginalia.it/] (IT-TB). 3. a user-friendly interface to search this derivational morphological lexicon by single lexical entry, by morphological family and by WFR.