Varro Grammaticus

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From the project website (translated from the German; accessed 2020-08-04):

The research project Varro Grammaticus analyses the Latin grammar (De lingua Latina) of the first-century B.C. Roman Marcus Terentius Varro against the background of modern grammatical theories and the historiography of linguistics. Since this work is the earliest transmitted testimony of ancient grammar, the project, which focuses on Varro's morphological explanations (on word formation and inflection), will provide information about the beginnings of grammatical category formation and the development of linguistic terminology in Europe.

In addition to the works cited, this bibliography contains all literature on Varro's De lingua Latina after 1800, as far as I have been able to access it. In order not to artificially inflate the bibliography, short reviews and all too isolated articles have been left out. The abbreviations follow the practice of the Année Philologique.