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Finishing DPhil student in Ancient History at the University of Oxford.

Interested in the Classical and Tech(no) side of research - and music. Currently working on machine learning for Latin epigraphical text restoration and other fun stuff.

  • Co-author of Pythia – a deep learning model for the automatic restoration of Greek inscriptions.
  • Author of ISicDef – A MySQL database & digital corpus of Sicilian curse tablets (to be migrated to I.Sicily).
  • Doctoral thesis: “Breaking boundaries: a study of socio-cultural identities in Archaic and Classical western Sicily”.

My postdoctoral research project focuses on Digital Epigraphy, exploring how Machine Learning can enable large-scale, in-depth interpretation of the epigraphic cultures of the ancient Mediterranean. I am currently applying for postdocs, so if you are interested in my research and would like to know more, do get in touch!

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