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Simon Mahony

  • Research Associate
  • Centre for Computing in the Humanities,
  • King’s College London
  • simon.mahony (at)


Research Associate at the Centre for Computing in the Humanities (CCH), King’s College London.

Co-ordinator and tutor of the following CCH modules at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level

Student Support Manager: MA War in the Modern World e-Learning programme at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London

Member of the Centre for Distance Education at the University of London.

Co-founder and co-organiser of the Digital Classicist

Editor of the Stoa Consortium weblog.


  • With Gabriel Bodard eds. (forthcoming under contract) Digital Research in the Study of Classical Antiquity, Ashgate
  • With Gabriel Bodard eds. (2008) "Though much is taken, much abides": Recovering antiquity through innovative digital methodologies, Digital Classicist special issue, Digital Medievalist 4 (2008), available at:

Conference panels

  • Gabriel Bodard, Stuart Dunn and Simon Mahony. Digital Classicist panel: A discipline-specific community of practice and interdisciplinary methods, Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts 2008 (University of Cambridge September 2008). Programme at:
  • Gabriel Bodard, Simon Mahony, Digital Classicist Panel 1: Research into people and places
  • Gabriel Bodard, Simon Mahony, Digital Classicist Panel 2: Interdisciplinary approaches to research and pedagogy. Classical Association Annual Conference 2007: Birmingham University. Panel abstracts at:

Conference papers

  • Using collaborative resources to develop a programme for teaching and supporting information literacy, Interface: 1st International Symposium for Humanities and Technology (University of Southampton July 2009) Paper available at:
  • Using digital resources in building and sustaining learning communities. Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts 2007 (Dartington College September 2007) Programme at:
  • Humslides: creating an on-line digital resource for teaching and learning. Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts 2006 (Dartington College September 2006) Programme at:

Seminars organised

Invited speaker

  • Using your computer for research. University College London, Department of Geography Residential Weekend for PhD Students (October 2008)


See also the mini-bio at:

email at: simon.mahony[at]