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===Current Projects===
===Current Projects===

*[http://de.digitalclassicist.org/berlin/ Digital Classicist Berlin]
*[http://pdr.bbaw.de/english Person Data Repository]
*[http://pdr.bbaw.de/english Person Data Repository]
*[[Greek_to_Latin_Historical_Transliteration_Tool|G-Tool (G2L)]]
*[[Greek_to_Latin_Historical_Transliteration_Tool|G-Tool (G2L)]]


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Fabian Körner is a computer engineer, born in 1975; dedicated to the technological advance in sciences and humanities; involved in several projects at Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and Beuth Hochschule für Technik (formerly known as TFH-Berlin) since 2002.

Main Interests

  • Data structuring, data storage
  • Web services, which provide resources (data, algorithms etc.) to applications for (semi-)automatic data-processing
  • Data archaeology and data refurbishment

Current Projects


fkoerner -at- bbaw -dot- de


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Körner, Fabian (2005) Diploma thesis: Nutzerabhängige Online-Bearbeitung und Archivierung von Belegcorpora über ein Java-Servlet
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Körner, Fabian (2007) Master thesis: TTCN-3 und Web Services
Körner, Fabian / Plutte, Christoph / Roeder, Torsten / Walkowski, Niels-Oliver: Software-Evaluation für ein Personendaten-Repositorium. Research Paper (Berlin 2010). <http://edoc.bbaw.de/volltexte/2010/1511/>
Körner, Fabian: Datenarchäologie und Datenaufbereitung. In: digiversity, 30.09.2010 <http://digiversity.net/2010/datenarchaeologie/>