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Dr. Daniel A. Werning

Daniel Werning studied Egyptology, General Linguistics, and Computer Sciences in Göttingen and Heidelberg (Germany).

He is now working at the Excellence Cluster "Topoi", Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Germany).

Contact and academic homepages: at HU Berlin, at Topoi.

Main Research interests

  • Ancient Egyptian Grammar, Hieroglyphic writing system, Language typology, Construction Grammar, Spatial linguistics;
  • Textual criticism;
  • Egyptian Netherworld Books, Theology of the Egyptian New Kingdom;
  • Digital Humanities, esp. TEI/EpiDoc.

DH Projects (current)

  • Project Encoding Complex Writing Systems (EnCoWs): community discussiong the TEI/EpiDoc encoding of non-linear and/or iconic writing systems.