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Anna Foka is an Associate Senior Lecturer at HUMlab, the Umeå University. For the academic period (2013-2017) she is constructing multisensory conceptual digital prototypes of ancient entertainment spaces (Greek Theatre, Roman Amphitheatre, Hippodrome). I am a proud member of the research group UGPS (Umeå Group for Premodern Studies).

My broad research interests include cultural and social history, history for different frames, constructions of socio- cultural identity, gender studies, and the relationship between historical culture(s) and contemporaneity. I have published in the fields of gender and humour in Graeco-Roman culture, and the reception of antiquity in popular culture.

I defended my PhD thesis in ancient comedy and the construction of Greek identity (Liverpool 2010). I have a MA in Classics and Ancient History (Liverpool 2006), and a 4-year MA degree in Performance Studies in Premodernity (NCU Athens 2003). Prior to my current position, I was a post-doctoral research fellow at the Umeå Centre for Gender Studies at University (in collaboration with the school of History) and I have held lecturing positions at both Manchester and Liverpool University (UK). In my spare time I enjoy compiling and listening to music, swimming, fencing, painting, and gaming.


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