Unicode for ancient languages

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Where should one go to find out about Unicode Greek/Latin/epigraphic symbols, etc.

(alternative question: Is there anything like MUFI for Classicists?)

(advice received so far; please add comments or expand)

  • I think the people who most concern themselves with this sort of thing include: the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, who have made several Unicode proposals for the encoding of Ancient Greek characters and symbols (several TLG proposals online);
  • the EAGLE committee, who have also made recommendations for Latin epigraphic symbols;
  • David Perry (creator of the Cardo font) has also done work in this area;
  • The best person to ask about this would be Deborah Anderson at Berkeley
  • or consult the Unicode discussion list
  • MUFI (the Mediaeval Unicode Font Initiative) are a group with related concerns
  • several items in the Category:Unicode in the Digital Classicist Wiki may be of interest