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* http://www.ubi-erat-lupa.org/about.php
* http://lupa.at/
* Jakob Egger
* Friederike Harl
* Ortolf Harl
* Ortolf Harl

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  • Jakob Egger
  • Friederike Harl
  • Ortolf Harl


From the web page (accessed 2015-02-03):

The picture database ubi-erat-lupa.org (short form lupa) contains stone monuments (sculptures, reliefs, inscriptions, architectural pieces etc.).

lupa is a non-commercial project dedicated to informing scientists and interested laypersons. The project’s scope is from prehistoric stone monuments to around the time of Justinian (500 AD). Due to its inception in Vienna, most project data at the moment is from the mid- and south-eastern european region.

lupa is open to expansion in any direction.