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Text Reuse Panel at DH2014

“Rethinking Text Reuse as Digital Classicists” is the title of a panel session which will be held at the 2014 Digital Humanities Conference (DH 2014, Lausanne, 10 July 2014, 09:00-10:30).

Text reuse – the meaningful reiteration of text, usually beyond the simple repetition of common language – is a broad concept that can naturally be understood at different levels and studied in a large variety of contexts. This panel will gather researchers from different projects focussing on text reuse in the field of Digital Classics with the aim of discussing the possible approaches to and understandings of the notion. It will also bring together current efforts and lay the ground for further research.

This page is created to prepare the event, but aims more generally at fostering information sharing and further explorations on the topic.



  • Aurélien Berra (Université Paris-Ouest & EHESS)
  • Matteo Romanello (German Archaeological Institute & King’s College London)
  • Alexandra Trachsel (University of Hamburg)

Invited participants

  • Monica Berti (University of Leipzig)
  • Neil Coffee (University at Buffalo, SUNY)
  • Annette Geßner (University of Leipzig)
  • Charlotte Tupman (King’s College London)