Testi Minoici Trascritti On Line

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  • Mario Negri
  • Carlo Consani


Status: in preparation (description as of July 2008)

Testi Minoici Trascritti on line: a Digital Corpus of the Minoan Texts

Mario Negri and Carlo Consani, together with other scholars of the IULM University in Milan, started a project intending to realize a digital corpus of all the Minoan texts collected in Consani, C. - Negri, M., Testi Minoici Trascritti con interpretazione e glossario, CNR – Istituto per gli Studi Micenei ed Egeo-Anatolici, Roma 1999 (TMT). The original corpus will be increased by the texts published afterwards in Del Freo, M., "Rapport 2001-2005 sur les textes en écriture hiéroglyphique crétois, en linéar A et en linéar B", in Sacconi, A. - Del Freo, M. - Godart, L. - Negri, M. (eds), Colloquium romanum – Atti del XII colloquio internazionale di micenologia, Pisa – Roma, 2008, pp. 219-222, and by other texts in printing (see maxime Karnava about Thera).

We are going to keep the basic pattern of TMT: each text, reproduced in its normalized form and marked up according to EpiDoc specifications, will also be accompanied by the phonetic transcription, the textual structure, the translation (whenever possible), the comment, as well as the typology of the object, the dating, the provenance, the date of finding, the place in which it is kept at present, and the bibliographical references.

The project will also include the glossary, the reverse index, the concordances for syllabograms, ideograms and significant groups, as well as the indispensable search tools.