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  • Founded by Ross Scaife†
  • Since Profe Scaife's death in 2008, the Stoa website and all the projects it collects have been hosted by the University of Kentucky, but not actively maintained.


From the Stoa About page (accessed 2019-02-28):

The Stoa Consortium for Electronic Publication in the Humanities was edited since its creation in 1997 by Ross Scaife, Professor of Classics at the University of Kentucky, until 2008. The Stoa exists to serve several purposes: dissemination of news and announcements, mainly via the gateway blog; discussion of best practices via discussion groups and white papers; and publication of experimental on-line projects, many of them subject to scholarly peer review. Open Access to networked scholarship is a bedrock principle for this site. Only the blog is now active, jointly maintained by a consortium of scholars in Classics and Digital Humanities.