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The author is William Annis, "a professional computer geek who has been interested in classical languages his entire life" [1].


The website contains prose texts, mostly in classical Greek, annotated "with notes on grammar, vocabulary (lots of vocabulary), text criticism and history" [2].

While is dedicated to prose texts, the twin project, from the same author, includes poetry texts in ancient Greek. The author states that the main difference between the two text collections "is that is that the prose texts here [in] may be in a less complete stage of commenting" [3].

The site also included a wiki, that was retired in April 2012.

The text archive also features a section of Classical Nahuatl texts. As of March 3, 2015, it includes one work, a series of translations of the fables of Aesop.

Text format

All texts are published in the proprietary PDF format, but the LaTeX source for each file can be accessed by changing the ".pdf" extension into ".tex" in the browser address bar.