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Website: [[1]].

The author is William Annis, "a professional computer geek who has been interested in classical languages his entire life"[2].

From the description: "This wiki is intended as a way for people to share their own scholia on classical works. (The author has) written some software extending the functionality of the wiki with markup to make word and phrase annotation easy and natural."

The wiki contains Greek and Latin verse and prose (currently Cleanthes/Hymn to Zeus, Delphic oracles, poems from the Greek Anthology, some Hesiod, Homer, Pindar, Sappho/PMG 976; some Epictetus, Herodotus, Lucian, Plato, Pseudo-Callisthenes, Xenophon; some Catullus, Horace, and Ovid; some Caesar and Cicero).