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  • Christopher Blackwell
  • Tom Elliott


The Scaife Digital Library was the title given to a proposed distributed digital library of ancient sources and scholarly editions. Although to date (as of 2019) the SDL does not exist as a formal output, the discussions and collaborations that came out of the meetings in 2009–10 have fed into many other projects including Open Greek and Latin and Distributed Text Services.

From the press-release (accessed 2009-03-13):

Named after the late Ross Scaife, the Scaife Digital Library is being developed as a distributed collection and a method whereby humanists from around the world can automatically aggregate their content. The Scaife Digital Library contains durable objects that (1) have received peer review, (2) are in sustainable formats such as the EpiDoc TEI stylesheet, (3) have a long-term home such as an institutional repository separate from the producer of the object, and (4) are available under open licensing for third-party redistribution and/or further development.

All of the TEI-compliant XML texts already available for download from the Perseus Digital Library satisfy the conditions 1, 2, and 4. Placing these and other objects within the Tufts Digital Library will satisfy the third condition. We plan therefore to move as many Perseus objects as possible into the Tufts Digital Library, with a particular focus upon newly scanned image books and existing commentaries, lexica, encyclopedias and other materials not yet released under an open source license. Our goal at this stage is to provide basic identifiers that will allow users to retrieve these objects from the Tufts Digital Library.

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