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What are the sources for satellite photographs of landscape?

Sources of Open Data

Sources of Licensable/Purchaseable Data

  • Open Map Tiles (both free and commercial versions of data, hosting, etc.)

Other programs and websites

Other than Google Earth, which has good street-level images of most built-up areas, the sources known to us are:

  • NASA's World Wind (free, mostly comparable in resolution to Google. Will be suspended from April 5, 2019. SDKs downloadable from Github.)
  • DigitalGlobe/QuickBird (commercial)
  • Zoom Earth – (daily satellite images: "In some cases the imagery is such high quality (often far better than Google Earth) that it's possible to pick out forest disturbance indicators from ancient human action via visual inspection of the imagery alone.")
  • MapTiler (both free and licensed versions of mappign service; uses OpenMapTiles)

Specific datasets and associated sensor systems