Rubensohn Bibliothek

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Ägyptische und orientalische „Rubensohn-Bibliothek“



In the project Die ägyptische und orientalische „Rubensohn-Bibliothek (ÄMP, SMB, Berlin) approximately 800 philological objects (papyri, ostraca, tablets, ...) will be restored, scientifically studied, and converted into the digitalized form of an open access database and TEI/EpiDoc XML. The textual witnesses to Elephantine cover the span of 4000 years and are conveyed in five different languages and scripts (Hieratic, Demotic, Aramaic, Coptic, Arabic).

Project director: Prof. Dr. Verena M. Lepper

DH, TEI/EpiDoc: Dr. Daniel A. Werning

Project homepage and documentation.