Romulus Bulgaricus

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  • Yoanna Sirakova


From the project website (accessed 2019-08-07):

Romulus Bulgaricus is a digital library of Bulgarian translations of ancient texts. In Bibliotheca you will find a catalogue of Latin authors and many Bulgarian translations, as well as some translations from old Greek. You can view the texts separately or in parallel Bulgarian-Latin. The Encyclopedia is the first digital thesaurus of the Ancient World in Bulgaria. It is composed from translators' footnotes and index nominum of editions. In Supplements you can discover a variety of materials about texts and authors, included in the Bibliotheca. In Ancient Monuments a gallery of most famous ancient archeological sites in Bulgaria is presented.

The project Romulus Bulgaricus is carried out in the Department of Classics at Faculty of Classical and Modern Languages in Sofia University. Open Society Foundation, Sofia, and the Scientifical Research Fund at Sofia University sponsored it.