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The Regnum Francorum Online project is a historical geographic information system (GIS). It aims at showing entities of the Late Roman empire and Early Medieval Europe as layers on interactive maps. Examples of layers are Roman milestones and places mentioned in Roman itineraries, possessions of monasteries, itineraries and deeds of Frankish kings. The layers are based on metadata compiled from historical source-documents (charters, annales, coins, etc.). If the documents are available online and can be referenced with persistant URI:s, the GIS provides links to these documents. Layers are selected by the user, thus creating your own maps of interest.

The GIS uses the latest Google Maps API and own programming to create transparent layers on top of base maps. The base maps are based on freely available GIS data and historic data compiled by the author. It aims at visualizing the historical context with as little modern infrastructure as possible.

It also provides a collection of hyperlinks to digitized editions of source-documents and literature concerning early medieval Europe that can be found on the internet today. Sources listed here are all available to the public, free of charge. Currently there are 5764 entries in this collection. Many sources are georeferenced and can be displayed on the map.

(Description taken from the project website and from the project Facebook page, both accessed 2017-07-02: [1] [2])