Register Medicorum Medii Aevi

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  • Charlotte Roueché


Register Medicorum Medii Aevi was a Mellon-funded interdisciplinary and multi-language pilot project between 2010–11, to explore the collection of information about Mediaeval doctors from Byzantine, Anglo-Saxon, Arabic, Latin and other sources. The project devised a data model and tested it with the input of a few dozen person records from multiple scholars, but the content has apparently not yet (as of 2016) been delivered as a published database or web resource.

From the funding announcement (accessed 2018-10-26):

The aim of this project is to explore how, in the age of online publication, reliable information can be exchanged and exploited between researchers in different areas. It is an exercise in working out how to set up a dialogue/discussion to which a range of specialists and scholars could contribute.

We have selected the area of medieval medical knowledge, because we know that there is a a great deal of important work going on in this area, much of which is focussed on particular areas and language groups. The challenge, as we see it, is to establish a shared resource which could be used by historians of medicine in the Latin west, the Greek East, the Arab-speaking world and other adjacent cultures.