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== Principal Investigator ==  
== Researchers ==  

* [ Michela Rosellini]
* [ Michela Rosellini]
* See the [ About us] page of the project website for the other research team members

== Description ==
== Description ==

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A project by the ERC (European Research Council) and started on 1 January 2021, PAGES aims at creating an online resource for the study of the text and the tradition of the Ars Grammatica by Priscian.

The project primarily aims at producing a new critical edition of the Ars, both in printed and in digital form, based on a recensio of medieval handwritten tradition and on a stemmatic analysis of manuscripts of the IX and X centuries. The scientific starting point for this new recensio is that, though the tradition of the Ars is contaminated, the Greek passages surviving in the manuscripts are not, so they can be of great help to reconstruct a stemma codicum.

In addition to the new edition of the text, PAGES will produce a study of the knowledge of Greek in Caroline scriptoria, as well as in the Renaissance. The specific object of study to explore that knowledge will mostly be:

  • Greek hands in Priscian's latin manuscripts;
  • Glosses on Greek passages;
  • Humanistic age interpolations of Greek passages.


The modelling of data of the digital edition, including information on the Greek hands and of the manuscript tradition, is implemented in Cadmus, produced by Daniele Fusi at the VeDPH.