Pompeii Bibliography and Mapping Project

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  • Eric Poehler


Bibliographical resources on Pompeii, linked to the related specific building on a digital map of the archaeological site.

From the project website (accessed 2015-03-03):

Landscapes, both literal and figurative, have incredible power in structuring thought and interpretation in the humanities. The literal physical landscape is often an important consideration in many areas of study; archaeologists, anthropologists and historians often consider topography as a variable in explaining past human behavior. As a metaphor, the term ‘landscape’ is used more broadly and less concretely, but with a flexibility that permits an even greater impact. Authors are said to have had an effect on the landscape of their genre and particularly powerful writers are given the power to generate their own, new landscape. The Pompeii Bibliography and Mapping Resource (PBMR) is a means to explore the ways in which the former kind of landscape, the physical, can be employed to structure and examine the latter, metaphorical variety. Specifically, we are working to map the landscape of publications about Pompeii onto the space of the ancient city itself, creating a unified, bi-directional interface to both resources.