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** Birds in Ancient Mythology
** Birds in Ancient Mythology
** Digital Milliet Project
** Digital Milliet Project
** Ancient Greek and Latin Dependency Treebank ([[AGLDT]])
** [[Ancient Greek and Latin Dependency Treebank]]
** more [https://www.perseids.org/digital-editions Perseids digital editions]
** more [https://www.perseids.org/digital-editions Perseids digital editions]
* Libraries and Tools
* Libraries and Tools

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  • Marie-Claire Beaulieu


From the project website (accessed 2019-06-03):

The Perseids Platform is a free and open online environment for producing data-driven editions of ancient documents. The Platform allows users to collaborate on editing and publishing documentary materials from the ancient world.

Perseids includes several components:

  • Perseids Plaform:
    • Translation alignment tool (Alpheios)
    • Treebanking annotation tool (Arethusa)
    • Text image transcription/alignment tool (Perseids SoSOL)
  • Digital Editions
  • Libraries and Tools
    • Morphology service
    • Dictionaries
    • Editing tools
    • Code Repositories (Open Source via Github)
  • Perseids blog

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  • Almas, Bridget and Beaulieu, Marie-Claire. 2016. "The Perseids Platform: Scholarship for all!" In: Bodard, G & Romanello, M (eds.) Digital Classics Outside the Echo-Chamber: Teaching, Knowledge Exchange & Public Engagement, pp. 171–186. London: Ubiquity Press. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5334/bat.j.