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==Publications and presentations==
==Publications and presentations==

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* May 20, 2021: [https://github.com/SunoikisisDC/SunoikisisDC-2020-2021/wiki/SunoikisisDC-Summer-2021-Session-6 Reading and Learning ancient Greek with Pedalion] (Toon van Haal, Alek Keersmaekers, Arnoud Wils, and Wouter Mercelis)


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  • Director: Toon Van Hal
  • Developer: Alek Keersmaekers


Pedalion is a platform for learning and reading Ancient Greek.

From the project website (accessed 2021-08-03):

Pedalion started as a modular grammar. Πηδάλιον is the Ancient Greek word for a ‘rudder’. Indeed, this website wants to be the rudder that helps students navigate the waters of the Ancient Greek language in a dynamic way. Students will be trained to move between the language’s formal, semantic, and syntactic levels, so as to overcome the static character of a traditional grammar. The grammar was realized through a grant from the Educational Council of the University of Leuven (2013-2015). The English version of this grammar is still in bèta.

The project is currently expanding. Right now, the focus is on Natural Language Processing initiatives. So, for instance, we hope to offer users much more example sentences than the sentences we selected ourselves by making use of an automatically analyzed corpus.


Unless mentioned otherwise, all information on the website is licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 License (CC BY-SA 4.0).


  1. Excercises
  2. Treebanks: DendroSearch
  3. Vocabulary tool: Myria

Publications and presentations