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Project Sponsor

  • The Packard Humanities Institute (PHI)


From the project website (accessed 2020-09-29)

This website contains essentially all Latin literary texts written before A.D. 200, as well as some texts selected from later antiquity. These texts were previously available on The Packard Humanities Institute's CD ROM 5.3. You can find a complete listing in the Canon of Latin Authors.

From the Classical Studies Review (2017) listed below:

It contains the vast majority of Latin literary texts written before 200 CE, as well as a handful of Latin texts from late antiquity. It therefore offers an alternative to two other free online resources: The Latin Library and the Perseus Project.


From the project website (accessed 2021-08-03) :

You can refine a search with logical operators.

& and

| or

~ near (within about 100 characters)

( ) precedence

# word break

And you can restrict a search to set of authors or works by including filters in the search string. Filters use abbreviations (or numbers) for authors and works and are enclosed within square brackets. For example, [Cic] esse videtur would search for esse videtur in Cicero. These patterns are valid:

[Cic:Catil] Cicero's In Catilinam

[Cic:56-59] Cicero's Letters

[474:39-40,73] Brutus, Orator, and Rhetorica ad Herennium

[Cic Quint] Cicero and Quintilian

[Catul Tib Prop Ov] Catullus, Tibullus, Propertius, and Ovid

Abbreviations (and numbers) can be found in the Canon.