Oslo Papyri Electronic System

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OPES - Oslo Papyri Electronic System




At the end of 2000 steps were taken to initiate a digitalization project of papyrus collection of the University of Oslo Library[1]. The project was named OPES (Oslo Papyri Electronic System) and its aims were first to make all the published papyri (around 280 out of a total of 2272) available, catalogued and imaged, on the www, then to catalogue and image the rest of the papyri, making the catalogue available on the web and keeping the images in a separate database that users may access on demand. A further aim is to scan and make accessible the collection´s inventory list made by the late professor Leiv Amundsen. So far only a few have been scanned and a password is required to access them. OPES is connected to Advanced Papyrological Information System (APIS) and thus to Papyri.info [2].