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Principal Investigator

Maxim Romanov, Institut für Informatik. University of Leipzig


(From the project Github page)

The main goal of OpenArabic mARkdown is to provide a simple system for tagging structural elements in premodern and early modern Arabic texts that are being prepared within the framework of the OpenArabic Project. The use of OpenArabic mARkdown will allow one to engage in the computational analysis of classical Arabic texts in the same way as more complex and time-consuming tagging schemes (like TEI XML); OpenArabic mARkdown will also facilitate the conversion of the large volume of Arabic texts into TEI XML, which is now the standard format for digital editions. In principle, OpenArabic mARkdown does not require any special editor, but the current implementation relies on EditPad Pro, which supports right-to-left languages, Unicode, and large files. However, it is the support of custom highlighting and navigation schemes that makes this text editor particularly convenient for OpenArabic mARkdown.

A more detailed description, various examples and instructions on how to use OpenArabic mARkdown can be found at: