OmnesViae: Roman Routeplanner

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Author / Editor

René Voorburg


Based on Richard Talbert's research work on the Tabula Peutingeriana. It is a digitally reconstruction map of Roman medieval routes across Europe from about the year 300 CE. The geolocations are mainly obtained from the Pleiades initiative[[1]]. The author of this resource went on to create's successor, [2] mapping nearby Roman and Classical history.

Language: English [3], Deutsch [4], Greek [5], Francais [6], Italian [7], Nederland [8]


Taken from website accessed (2016-05-31):

I don't claim ownership of any underlying data, not even for the parts that are the fruit of my own research work. I kindly ask the creators of derived works to make the data behind those works also freely available. When using data or output from OmnesViae, please create a link or reference to this work. Please let me know when you use OmnesViae in your publications or derived works.