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  • Nora White


The Ogham in 3D project aims to digitise the approximately 400 Irish ogham inscriptions (primarily names in earliest recorded form of the language) and, with the help of the Discovery Programme, create 3D models of the stones, on the edges of which they are generally found. The project is based at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and the Principal Investigator is Dr Nora White. The current phase of the project, to prioritise the digitisation and laser scanning of ogham stones in state care, is funded by the National Monuments Service. The project website includes:

  • introduction to unique ogham alphabet
  • transcriptions, translations and commentary on the inscriptions (EpiDoc schema version: 8.13)
  • inscriptions searchable by names and formula words found in texts and by site types
  • descriptions and images of the texts, ogham stones and sites, with links to the Archaeological Survey of Ireland database and OSI mapping
  • 3D models of the ogham stones

Introduction from the project website (accessed 2020-03-03):

The ultimate aim of the Ogham in 3D project is to digitise and record in 3d as many as possible of the approximately four hundred surviving Ogham stones and to make the resulting 3D models freely available on this website as part of a multi-disciplinary archive of Ogham stones.