OCR for ancient Greek

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  • Bruce Robertson reports on some preliminary results of a survey of techniques: http://www.heml.org/RobertsonGreekOCR/
  • Federico Boschetti has been experimenting with adapting/training Google's OCR engine tesseract to ancient Greek texts: http://www.himeros.eu/ (related paper)
  • The commercial OCR software Anagnostis (€585) can handle ancient Greek, though apparently poorly
  • ABBYY FineReader can be made to work with ancient Greek with extensive training
  • The Gamera toolkit for analysing and scanning complex texts includes some experiments with polytonic Greek
  • Google Docs now allows you to have it do OCR on uploaded documents in a variety of languages, and you can get some results by specifying "Greek" and uploading a PDF (images seem not to work). Quality is about on the level of Google Books OCR of printed ancient Greek.


  • AccessTEI is a service for members of the TEI for manual keying of texts which can handle ancient Greek

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