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Morpheus is a morphological parsing and lemmatising tool produced by the Perseus Project. Basically Morpheus takes as input a token in Latin or Ancient Greek (in Beta Code) and returns:

  1. The lemma (or multiple possible lemmata) from which this token derives;
  2. A full morphological breakdown of the form (part of speech, case, number, gender, person, mood, etc.)

Morpheus is fully integrated into the Perseus website and language study tools. For example, you can enter inflected words via the forms at:

(Apparently the Open Source version of the Perseus Hopper does not include the Morpheus code.)

Morpheus can also be queried with Latin or Greek word forms (and a few modern languages) via the interface at the Archimedes project in Berlin (instructions for XML-RPC interface) via a customizable Python or Perl script.

References to other implementations of Morpheus would be appreciated.