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What Unicode characters should we use to encode Greek metrical symbols?

Metrical symbols are encoded in Unicode in the Miscellaneous Technical region, 23D1-23D9 (see http://www.unicode.org/charts/PDF/U2300.pdf).

See also the TLG technical document on the proposal to encode Greek metical characters in Unicode, which can be found at http://repositories.cdlib.org/tlg/unicode/15/

This issue was discussed at some length on the Unicode Ancient Languages list (see e.g. http://lsv.uky.edu/scripts/wa.exe?A2=ind0110&L=unicode&D=1&O=D&P=235 or go to http://lsv.uky.edu/archives/unicode.html and search for "metrical" vel sim.).

What fonts support this character range? The only fonts I have found to do so reliably are:

Others may know better.

I am soliciting more advice on this topic from the list: see archives and membership information at http://lsv.uky.edu/archives/unicode.html