Mapping the Martyrs

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  • David Eastman


Mapping the Martyrs is designed as a resource for the study of persecution and martyrdom in the early centuries of Christianity. In the past, a common belief was that early Christians were subjected to constant persecution. More recently, a nearly opposite approach has gained notoriety in which the realities of martyrdom have been deemphasized or even denied outright. Both of these approaches distort our picture of early Christianity.

The goal of this site is to gather and present the data concerning incidents of persecution and martyrdom. The map provides a view of the spatial distribution of martyr stories according to the traditions.

This site was a class project developed at Ohio Wesleyan that is no longer on the web. It consisted of a Neatline map centered around Italy showing locations of incidents of martyrdom and persecution. These locations were links to details about each incident. Some of the pages are available on the Internet Archive. There is also an hour long video of a class presentation on the project. "Mapping the Martyrs" Presentation